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Jeremie Kubicek

As Chairman of GiANT Worldwide and CEO of GiANT TV, Jeremie leads a global media and content company specializing in leader transformation. You can see more about GiANT and

Jeremie has founded or co-founded over 20 businesses or divisions in companies ranging from e-commerce to education to entertainment to development and events in several countries. He is also the entrepreneur that built Leadercast and was CEO of the Catalyst Conferences and over the John Maxwell companies for several years. 

His unique perspective on emotional intelligence, strategic influence, people development, and culture allow him to influence leaders as an international speaker, consultant, and author working with senior execs in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to universities, nonprofits, and entrepreneurial startups. As a content creator,  Jeremie and his team also build licensing programs for professionals and people leaders around the world.

Jeremie is devoted to helping leaders live at higher levels. His projects in entertainment and in community building are built around the GiANT tools and the desire to impact the world for the benefit of all. 


Best-Selling Author, CEO, and Keynote Speaker

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